<h1>It's our way for the highway!</h1><h2>Asphalt remediation systems</h2> <h1>Eco-friendly asphalt repair</h1><h2>for industry, commercial & home.</h2> <h1>Eco-friendly asphalt repair</h1><h2>for industry, commercial & home.</h2>

Pothole Repairs Australia

Welcome to ProRoad

ProRoad introduce a new range of environmentally friendly products for asphalt and pothole repairs Australian councils, tradesmen and home handymen will love. We are a new Australian company with a single mission: to provide high quality remedial systems to the asphalt industry, trades and asset owners.

Answering your personnel’s safety needs and caring for the environment

We continue to be focused on minimizing our impact to the environment, while developing new products that our customers need. This ensures that we will always offer superior environmental and applicator friendly alternatives to high temperature or solvent based methods for the repair, sealing and protection of flexible pavements. View our revolutionary range of products for repairing bitumen, pavements, asphalts and a wide range of hard surfaces.

Standards compliant

Our asphalt repairs products are tried, tested and trusted. They conform to Australian and New Zealand safety standards for applicators and public use and provide superior durability under Australian conditions. ProRoad products employ superior technologies and incorporate cutting edge fabrication techniques to bring the latest in high durability finishes and repairs to roads, pavements and all hard surfaces. Contact us for more details or a product demonstration.

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